Increase the volume of your business.

Promote your property or our properties to your customers. New opportunities, more clients, more business. Discover the benefits reserved to Holiplanet professionals.

Are you an agency and do you want to offer our properties to your customers?

Benefits for your agency

How many times have you ever gained the trust of a client but didn’t have the property they were looking for? Thanks to the platform Holiplanet today you will not have to miss an opportunity.
If you are a travel agent, a real estate agent or a tour operator you just need to register to have access to our database and book villas and apartments online on behalf of your clients.

Commission of 7.5% guaranteed!

On all online reservations you have made on behalf of your clients we guarantee 7.5% commission.
You don’t have to make any negotiation, you will not have to split commissions with other agents, the 7.5% commission is always guaranteed.

No acquisition cost

You can focus on finding customers interested in renting properties while the acquisition and selection of accommodations will belong to us. In this way you will reset the acquisition costs and your agency fee is worth much more.

No surprise for your clients

All our properties are certified by Holiplanet staff in that specific area; we take care to verify the accuracy of the information given by the owners and the state of maintenance of the property before posting the Ad on our website.

New opportunities

Is your agency not yet into short-term rentals apartments and holiday homes? Now you can boost your business simply by subscribing to our platform.

Fast and simple search

Thanks to the modern technology used by Holiplanet portal, doing search activity is quick and easy. You can select the area, the budget, number of rooms and the features that the suitable property for your clients must have and you will get only the information relating to the properties that meet your needs.

Do you manage villas and apartments and you want to promote them on Holiplanet?

First in search engines

When it comes to online marketing, visibility within the search engines is where it all begins. To be found you must appear on the first pages of search engines. The SEO team (Search Engine Optimization) of Holiplanet consists of international experts indexing and optimizing keywords in search engines; our team is constantly investing resources and energy to ensure that your ads are immediately found, through Holiplanet, on the main competitors of global search engines (Google, Yandex, Baidu).

Multilingual translation service

Through Holiplanet you communicate with the whole world. After a few days of the publication your ads (whether paid or free) will be translated by professional interpreters, free of charge, and available in eight international languages. Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and Malay now cover 73% of the languages spoken in the world. This way, millions of potential customers will be able to read your offer.

Boost your exposure

The Holiplanet platform is used by thousands of Tour Operators, Real Estate Agents and International Travel Agents, specializing in the promotion of villas and apartments. If you choose to pay on results, your property will automatically be promoted by the network of professionals who are part of our platform.

DEM (Direct Email Marketing)

Holiplanet system allows you to organize discounts and promotions for the properties you manage. When you enter new offers, promotions and last minute deals for a specific property, they are automatically communicated in the form of a newsletter to travellers who are looking for a property in the area.

Portfolio management

If you are a Real Estate Professional with a large number of properties in the portfolio, Holiplanet offers special conditions and provides an area dedicated to your business. Your page will include the logo of your agency, a link to your Website and a complete inventory of all listings of the properties that you want to promote.


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