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Holiplanet is an excellent opportunity for Owners to give international exposure to their offers, both for holiday rentals or business purpose; registering yourself to Holiplanet it means to be part of a powerful organization. 
Holiplanet portal, with its simple and straightforward interface, allows you to manage presentations and reservations also to those who have very little PC skills.

US$ 0,00

Annual fee


For each booking

Pay on result

Pay on result

If you choose to post free ads, you only pay a commission on the result. Our network is connected to thousands of travel agencies and real property brokers in the world and your property will immediately be promoted by professionals. Holiplanet will receive 15% on your total booking amount and part of this commission is shared with the Sponsoring Agencies.

Trying it doesn’t cost you anything

A free ad is the ideal solution if you're just entering the rental sector in the short-term program and you want to understand the potential of your property. A free listing also allows you to test the quality and potential of our platform.

Get immediate reservations

A free listing allows you to receive an immediate reservation, confirmed by the payment of a deposit by credit card. Customers interested in your property can book directly online by ensuring availability with an immediate booking confirmation.

Boost your exposure

Our platform is used by thousands of travel agencies, real property agencies and tour operators; the range of your AD is instantly amplified thanks to the network of tour operators who daily refer to our database to organize trips and journeys for their customers.

More time for something else

With a free ad you'll only have to worry about keeping up to date the calendar availability and rates. The online booking system will allow you to receive bookings directly without having to devote additional time to inquiries and negotiations.

starting from

US$ 19,00

Per month


For each booking

Pay only once

Pay only once

The listing of your Ad that costs you only 19 USD per month allows you to pay a single annual fee and you can recover your investment with just one booking. This is the ideal system for those who know the potential of their own property and are familiar with promotion systems on the internet.

No brokerage fee

An advertisement will let you come into direct contact with potential tenants without having to bear any additional costs of commercial mediation.

Earlier than others

A 'Premium' profile allows your Ad to be seen before others. Holiplanet offers you a chance to put your ad in priority and choose between different forms of visibility. Thanks to upgraded membership levels you will receive a greater number of requests, you will increase the visibility of your ad and you'll triple your chances of being found before compared to a Standard Ad. The higher the ranking of your ad will show in the search results, the greater the volume of requests that you will receive.

Speak with those who look for you

An advertisement allows you to communicate directly with your customer by communicating all necessary information to enhance your offer and your property. The customer interested in your property may contact you to request a specific quotation and to clarify any doubt before booking.

Maximum flexibility in payments

With the ability to communicate directly with customers you’ll be able to manage the negotiation and agree on the payment method that suits the both of you.

Short term rentals

Are you still thinking whether you’d like to rent your house for short-terms? We know that this is not an easy decision but the benefits of this choice are much higher than the costs and the possible risks of a long-term lease.

Many homeowners have already made this decision with great satisfaction.

Two great benefits

Short-term rentals allow you to cover the costs of maintenance and management fees arising from the ownership of a property. Sometimes, it is enough to rent for a few weeks to cover the cost of a year of operation. At the same time, renting for short periods of time can assure a significant monthly income.
Another great advantage is that during periods without tenants, you can still use the property for yourself and your family or friends.

How to Promote

The exposure of a property is certainly the first step to start generating income.

Holiplanet offers new ideas and solutions completely flexible according to your needs.



Why to rent?

Thanks to the short-term rentals, you will have the opportunity to cover the operating costs of your property and obtain a good profit. Millions of homeowners in the world did it already, and are getting great return on investment on otherwise unreachable clients through long-term lease. Holiplanet provides you with tips and tools to get into this field and can help you transform your home into a small business.


Why Holiplanet?

It all starts with research

When it comes to online marketing, visibility within the search engines is where it all begins. To be found by customers you must appear on the first pages of search engines. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) team of Holiplanet consists of international experts who index and optimize keywords in search engines; our team is constantly investing resources and energy to ensure that your property is immediately found through Holiplanet utilizing key global search engines (Google, Yandex, Baidu, etc.).

Killing of language barriers

Through Holiplanet you can communicate with the whole world. Your ad (paid or free ), after a few days of the publication will be translated by professional interpreters into seven international languages:, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian and Malay now cover 73% of the languages spoken in the world. This way, millions of potential customers will be able to understand your offer.

On site presence

Holiplanet is not a virtual Website; our organization includes offices and district managers dedicated to constant verification of the properties published on the Website and to assisting customers. No property is offered on the Holiplanet portal before being personally verified and certified by one of our official staff members.

A large network at your service

The Holiplanet platform is used by thousands of Tour Operators, Real Estate Agents and International Travel Agents, specializing in the promotion of villas and apartments. If you choose to pay on results, your property will automatically be promoted by the network of professionals who are part of our platform.

Discounts and promotions system

Holiplanet system allows owners to organize rates, discounts, promotions based on the time and length of each stay. Customers will be able to receive more information and quotation quickly. The inclusion of new promotions, last minute offers by Owners of properties in a given area are automatically communicated to potential customers who have shown interest in that specific area.

Flexibility and payment safety

Holiplanet allows owners to adopt a policy of payment and cancellation of their bookings. In the case of immediate reservations with a credit card, Holiplanet receives only a small deposit to allow customers to lock the dates and allows the owner to decide how to get the balance. Holiplanet has signed an agreement with PAYPAL and accepts all major credit cards in the international circuits. All payment transactions are secured by PAYPAL, a global leader in electronic payments.


Where to start?

How to decide the rates, respond to requests, and arrange a reception service? These and other useful information is provided in our getting started guide. Enter your details and receive a free PDF document.


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