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Internet and technology have revolutionized the world of communications over the past decade. Today, thanks to an internet connection, is it possible to buy products, participate in auctions, play the stock market, book flights and hotels, and much more. The Internet has made it possible for many to go into business with small investment and low risk.

Thanks to the internet and other technologies, the market segment of small apartments and holiday home rentals has grown dramatically in recent years. The world of rentals for short stays has less competition than the traditional hospitality industry and it generates daily unimaginable volumes of contacts and reservations.

Discover a new and exciting profession that will enhance your skills as a professional. Holiplanet selects independent contractors and freelancers and self-employed for the acquisition and selection of villas and apartments, residences, B & B, and accommodation of various types in their own territory. In our group you will find the right support for your motivations and a young and dynamic environment suitable for you. Do not wait, reserve a place of honour and great satisfaction; block your area and start doing business immediately.

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Holiplanet guarantee you that you are paying the lowest possible rate when booking your property.

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Travel smart

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Travel smart

Check the price you're paying for every single guest and compare it with the price you would pay to stay in a hotel of the same level.

Renting an apartment or a holiday home will help you save you up to 30% on accommodation costs.

When on holiday, having a kitchen will let you save at least 30% on the cost of board and lodging; plus you can decide by yourself when and what to eat, having full control over the quality of food you're cooking.

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Sharing a beautiful villa or a luxury apartment with your friends and your family will let you save up to 70% on your next vacation.

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All listings are verified and certified by Holiplanet staff.

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